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Bee Wholly Living is a global Business & Lifestyle brand. Founded by Bee in 2018, it has become an educational and training hub for mission driven small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them build business processes and structures that breed success, whilst maintaining their authenticity and continuing to be of service to their clients. 

Bee combines her deep knowledge of creating successful businesses with her travel and lifestyle know-how to create Bee Wholly Living, to allow business founders to not only create and scale high performing and profitable businesses, but also to design a lifestyle that allows them to enjoy the finer things in life.



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Belinda is simply amazing! Her transparency, honesty and passion to bring out the best in her clients will challenge you to get out of the routine of staying mediocre, and stepping into greatness. She challenges the minds of entrepreneurs to know their worth and offer great value to build ones' clientele. Belinda listens attentively and offers bespoke coaching services for small businesses and her relentless spirit will get you engaged! If you need a business coach, take advantage of Bee Wholly Living! Thank you Belinda!


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