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Bee Wholly Living

Discover your Cosmic Magic

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Cosmic YOU

Uncover the mysteries of the Cosmic YOU, discover your design, and integrated your spiritual practices into your every day life.


About Us 

The Full Story

Bee Wholly Living is a global Business & Lifestyle brand, by Soulpreneurs, for Soulpreneurs. Founded by Bee in 2018, it has become an informational hub and unique resource for mission driven high achievers who want it all, helping them connect to their divinity, & design a life they love to live.

Bee combines her deep knowledge of Human Design, Vedic Astrology & Biblical Numerology to help driven high achievers discover their mission & purpose, as well as supporting the process of building and designing a life they love to live. 

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Cosmic Calendar Events

Never let a retrograde catch you unprepared ever again! Join Bee at her Cosmic Calendar events, which include a monthly review of all cosmic events as well as monthly planning in line with the lunar cycle.


Belinda is simply amazing! Her transparency, honesty and passion to bring out the best in her clients will challenge you to get out of the routine of staying mediocre, and stepping into greatness. She challenges the minds of entrepreneurs to know their worth and offer great value to build ones' clientele. Belinda listens attentively and offers bespoke spiritual & lifestyle coaching services for women and her relentless spirit will get you engaged! If you need a  coach, take advantage of Bee Wholly Living! Thank you Belinda!


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