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The Hive Academy is an educational hub for the aspiring conscious entrepreneur. 

This is a curated grouping of my most successful courses and programs that have allowed my clients to have incredible life changing results. It ranges from courses about building a 6 or 7 figure business without the sleazy sales element, to courses focused on spiritual growth and expression to allow you to draw in divinely assigned relationships, and design the lifestyle you know you deserve. 

All courses include exclusive members' access to program workbooks, templates, scripts, weekly calls and special videos to allow you to effortlessly identify, attract, and align with what is meant for you. 


The best part of purchasing a course, is that it also includes free lifetime membership to the Hive Academy! This means that you will have free entry to all Bee Wholly Living group calls, video training and virtual events FOREVER! You'll also be able to make use of my extensive remote network that spans across 4 continents for a lifetime, helping you consistently meet and connect to a tribe that is equal parts accepting, loving, and hardworking. 

Last but not least, within the Bee Wholly Living Family we begin and end the year with a retreat. As a member of The Hive, you will get early access and preferential rates to the retreats, as well as exclusive opportunities for one on ones with global leaders of enterprise, health, wellness and spirituality that will be present at the retreats.

So jump in! Have a look at the courses, and if one of them makes your inner voice say "wow, that's me", then don't ignore it! Get in touch so we can speak about it further!


Bee x

6 Weeks to Your First YES

Struggling to get your first high ticket ($5k+) YES in your business? Feeling discouraged, or worried about whether you made the right decision leaving safe but boring job behind and going after your dream? Wondering if you'll ever meet, let alone exceed your old salary following your passion? This course will lay your worries to rest by finally giving you the answer you were promised in the blog posts and webinars you have been combing through!


Unlike other courses that give you the same canned responses to getting high ticket sales, this course will provide you with unconventional and unique steps to help you get your first YES, by using the exact steps I took to get my first high ticket YES (pretty effortlessly!) within 30 days of starting my purpose led business. With this program I commit to helping you do the same.

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

You've always know you have a fire inside of you. Your parents didn't know how to control it, so instead they attempted to tame it. Your partners felt inadequate in the face of it so they tried to shame it.  Society was threatened by it so it attempted to mute it. You've grown up constantly trying to fit in, to blend, to be acceptable, when your inner fire was simply your warrior fighting to come out.


It's time to let that warrior free.


This course will support you in the deep work of healing your inner child, integrating with your shadow, to allow you to become a fully expressed warrior in all areas of your life. Ready to let that fire out?

Create Your Signature Offer

Google a "signature offer" and chances are, you'll see millions of results with the same name. And if you see millions of results, that means your clients can see the same too, which is why it has become so hard to build something distinctive, something that is unmistakably YOU.


That's why I built this program- to allow you to identify your signature, in a way that allows your future clients to identify you in a saturated market place. This deep work will draw out 'aha' moments that allow your clients to intensely connect to your offer, and say 'wow that's me' in a way that will surprise you.


You have your signature offer within you. This course will extract that unique offering out of you, and allow you to translate it into a package that is instantly recognised by your future clients!

Escape the 9-5 Lifestyle

Done with the 9-5, but not quite sure how to escape? Love the idea of being financially and location independent, but don't know where to start? This is the course for you.


This beginner course will provide you with a step by step guide, on how to finally break free from your 9-5 job, routine and lifestyle.


With modules ranging from making your first 5k independently, to building routines and habits of success to allow you to break free from the 9-5 mindset, this all-encompassing course is exactly what you need to confidently take the leap of faith you have been thinking about!

Design Your Authentic Sales Funnel 

 Does the thought of making a cold call (or sending a cold DM) make your skin crawl? Are you sick of seeing the same sales funnel everywhere, telling you that to 1 client you'll have to speak to 100? Does this type of sales feel deeply inauthentic to you, causing you to shy away from selling?

You're not the only one! I went through months of cold DMs, messages, and providing value in online groups and doing all of the things I was told would work in the hopes someone would 'pick me' before realising that what is widely accepted as correct sales technique is COMPLETELY WRONG!

In this course you will learn how to authentically build a consistent client funnel in a way that makes you excited (yes, excited!) to sell your services! Sales doesn't have to be awkward or 'icky', and this course will walk you through creating your authentic funnel.

The Remote Professional


This is the all encompassing, exclusive access passport to the Remote Professional lifestyle.


Whether a current or aspiring remote professional, this passport not only includes tips and guidance about everything you will ever need to know about nomadic living, but will also include preferential rates and special deals with Bee Wholly Living partners across 4 continents.


Whether you are starting out on your journey as a remote professional, or a well seasoned vet, this passport will contain something you can practically use in your nomadic journey.

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