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I spent almost a decade watching how companies worked. The ins and outs. What made them successful, and what didn't. How they sold, how they marketed, how they planned, how they delivered. As a consultant I was privy to all of those strategies, concepts, conversations and processes. And I decided to use that know-how and network to help organisations achieve that 'click'- the moment when their strategy, processes, systems, culture and people beautifully click together.

My background as a Business Consultant, advisor to FTSE100, and C-Level boards on business practices, matched with my background in Personal Development, Community Building and Culture Embedding has equipped me to support you the whole way through this process. Check my services below, which bring together a blend of I decided to use my Business Consultancy skillset to help entrepreneurs and small businesses build out profitable business strategies, support them in the roll-out of their strategies and help them meet their financial goals at every step.

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DIY Artefact Library

Customised Business artefacts and templates necessary for successful delivery. From business plan templates plans to KPI Tracking, work schedules and business development scripts, we create all the infrastructural information necessary to ensure your business launch or scale gets off on the right foot.

Prices Starting at £4,999

CXO Retainer

We are able to provide long term support through this CXO retainer package. Our CXOs have a deep understanding of business processes in a world that is becoming increasingly virtual, and range from strategic support, to commercial planning, as well as having an expertise in project/product management.

Their combined deep understanding with their wide breadth of knowledge makes them the perfect candidates to manage teams, deploy launches, and generally provide expert advice and support where needed- that's what the "X" stands for!

Prices starting at £19,999

End to End Launch Delivery

Whether you are planning to launch a new app, platform or client service, our team of experts are ready to help!

With expertise ranging across DevOps, SCRUM, Project Management, Business Analysis, and Testing, our team with a shared 35+ years experience can assure expert and professional planning, delivery, and post launch support.

Prices Starting at £49,999

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