The collaborator circle

Bee Wholly Living is dedicated to building supportive and collaborative groups of awakened ambitious women of all ages, race and backgrounds.

The purpose of the Bee Wholly Living Beehives is to create wellness communities which are accessible, and become a hub for women to be educated and learn new things within the wellness sphere, as well as mingle and bond with other like minded women. With a community of 1000+ women across all BWL  Beehives, we provide a spotlight for conscious collaborators that wish to provide services to a ready and willing community.

All Masterclass Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays events are free, with follow-up workshops and deep dives being made available to the community. Usually there 10-12 women in each workshop and with prices ranging from £10-£25, it is possible to recoup your membership investment and more in just one day!  

And that's not even where the magic happens. The true benefit lies in the awareness you will be able to create about your services to aligned leads that are ready and willing to learn, and the potential sales you'll get from presenting as a subject matter expert at a BWL event. One of our recent new joiners sold 4 spots to her retreat, making more than $1.5k after one speaking event, and another booked 20 CALLS following one appearance at the online retreat! This is a space where you can promote your valuable services to women who are specifically looking for support. It's a win-win scenario.

Join the Collaborator Circle and begin providing your services to our wonderful community TODAY!

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