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Lifestyle Redesign with Bee

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Limited time offer: Get a free Marco Polo from Bee (normally £155) with the purchase 5 Marco Polos!​

How does it work?

  1. Send Bee a Marco Polo (you can find the app on App Store, and search for

  2. Bee will send you back a Marco Polo with guidance, support and advice which you can save and replay at any time you need!

It's that simple!

What you can use Marco Polo with Bee for:

  1. Big life questions (purpose, meaning, direction)

  2. Big life decisions (Relationships, work, business, lifestyle, family etc...)

  3. Big moves (location, health and fitness journeys, relational journeys, career, business, etc...)

  4. Big transitions (moving through different phases in relationships, phase of life, career, etc...)

What you'll receive from Bee:

1. Detailed guidance, support and direction

2. Honest feedback, insight and reflection into your situation

3. Clear next steps and an action plan

4. Personalized motivation to get you through!

Each polo package comes with a free introductory polo from Bee, where she will provide insight, advice, guidance and next steps into your situation.

Within 24hrs of your payment, you will get a personalized welcome message from Bee, where she will welcome you, describe the agreement in a bit more detail, and request a first polo from you detailing what you need help, support, guidance or direction about.

Within 24hrs of your first polo (48hrs on the weekend), Bee will reply with a comprehensive answer to all your questions.

Most of Bee's polos will be between 15 and 30 minutes in length, giving you a wealth of information, support, and wisdom which you can take your time listening, internalizing, and making notes to.

Whenever you are ready, you send one back and the process continues.

It's that simple!

Benefits of Marco Polo over traditional Live coaching:

1. Can be redeemed at any time: no need to wait for a weekly coaching session to speak to Bee!

2. Valid for a lifetime: unlike traditional coaching which happens over a 3 or 6 month period, you can use these Marco Polos for however long you have them, they'll never expire!

3. Price guarantee: protect yourself and your wallet against my quarterly price increases!

4. Unlimited replays: Replay at your pace, in your own time, giving you time to absorb the messages, write notes at will and even save them in your phone when you need a real-time reminder.

5. Affordable and accessible: My live coaching packages start at $5.5 for 3 months, which is expensive for many. Marco Polos give you access to Bee even if $5.5k is out of your budget.

Please note there is a 100% Money back guarantee against every bundle, so if you don't resonate with your first polo interaction with Bee you'll get your money back (and you get to keep the 1st polo message from Bee!)

Redeem your free intro Marco Polo with Bee below!



Want to try 1 session before committing? Purchase a single Marco Polo session with Bee HERE

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