Cosmic Fingerprint Consultation
with Bee

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Ever wondered what your sun, moon and rising meant about your personality? Or how the latest retrograde, or Full Moon may affect you in relationships, business or on your personal development path?

This Cosmic Consultation is built to introduce you to... well, you!

Over the course of the hour with Bee, we will delve into 9 total markers of your Human Design, Natal Chart and current Cosmic Placements to understand:

  1. Who you are (Cosmically speaking!).

  2. Your Cosmic Life Path (i.e. the path that will bring you the most fulfilment and joy).

  3. The Cosmic events happening and how they might affect you.

  4. Next steps and actions to take on your personal, professional and relational paths.

Part theory and part intuitive energy work, Bee will go through your Cosmic Design with you (allowing you to ask all the questions you can't Google!), and read your energy so as to provide guidance to help you on your path to greater discovery of, and connection to, yourself.

You will receive a pdf document (like the one below) following our consultation, with a full description of your life path (and hints to your purpose), your cosmic personality, your energetic design, and all the top Cosmic events to watch out for in the next couple of weeks to catapult your growth, magic, or healing.

Investment = £99

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