purpose Discovery

Purpose. Meaning. The Big Why.

Isn't that what we're all trying to find?

Ever felt empty days after getting a promotion? Or put up a #instagoals post of you travelling the world, doing what you love that didn't reflect how you felt inside?

Then you know what I mean. You know deep down that money alone doesn't bring joy. Success alone doesn't bring joy. Relationships alone don't bring joy. Even owning your own business doesn't necessarily bring joy or fulfilment! There's something that's been missing from the equation this whole time. And that's THE REAL YOU.

Why on earth are you here? Seriously, why, ON EARTH, are you here? What are you here to complete, to learn, to teach, to embody? What abundance has been gifted to you that, once aligned, you are able to unlock naturally and effortlessly? And how can you design a life where you get to do this every day?

That is what I coach my clients through. Before examining the business plans, before building the strategies, before reviewing your self love and self care routines, we'll work on remembering WHO YOU ARE. 

Nothing about you is an accident. There are clues to your purpose peppered from the moment you were born. This coaching programme will allow you to:


  1. Understand how you were designed as you co-created your life map with the divine.

  2. Discover your unique energetic imprint and bodygraph.

  3. Learn your pre-assigned and defined purpose.

  4. Learn your numerological imprint and gain insight into your soul contracts.

It is from the knowledge of who you are- knowing your superpowers, your gifting, your purpose and earthly assignment that you can begin to design a life that you were intended, and gifted to live. 

Your purpose will allow you to achieve excellence in heart aligned, purpose led work- whether you choose to be a 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur, or the 'fast track' employee, doing what they love. It will allow you to draw in wonderful, conscious platonic and romantic relationships where you feel seen, heard and supported. It will allow you to enjoy life to a different level, and no longer be plagued by the inner critic, by the voice of comparison, or insecurity, because no one will be able to compete with you once you are living in purpose.

We've got work to do. Hurry- your purpose is waiting.


PSSST... There's a hidden Easter egg on my website. For those who not only want to discover, but to master their purpose, click HERE.

Purpose Discovery Catalogue

Purpose Deep Dive


You've had incredible insight from an initial 1-2-1 conversation, or workshop and want to know more. This deep dive will give us the space to look further into your Human Design, Shadow, Inner Child work or Ancestral connections as you choose. This is a chance for you to get to know yourself deeper, as you walk your road to purpose.

We will use the Human Design, Soul Akashic contracts, Archetypes of the Pysche or ancient rites as a frame to allow you to get the answers you are searching for.

Journey to Purpose


This session will allow you to concretise your purpose into action, and build out the schematic of your life over the next 3-6 months using your unique, purposed life path. 

During this session I will provide further personal insight into your life path and soul design and assist you in building a roadmap over the next 3-6 months with a goal of " Living Your Human Design", and aligning your soul design and designed life path to your current reality.

You will receive a customised roadmap with everything discussed in a neat timeline after the call.

Purpose Discovery

Three months of in-depth, group coaching where together we examine all clues to your purpose, a deep understanding of your life path and soul curriculum, and an excavation and integration of your shadow and inner child. By the end of these 3 months you will no longer have any confusion over your path and purpose in life, and will have all the information you need to Live Your Human Design, in full alignment with your Purpose.

*Next enrolment date opens 22nd Nov


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