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Introduction to Your

Human Design

Purpose 101

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Let me tell you a story

Eons ago, outside of space and time...

You were sitting with the Divine. You knew exactly who you were, your strengths, your power, your value. You were connected with perfect unconditional love. 

When it was time to go on your earthly assignment, you and the Divine sat down. Knowing that you wouldn't remember anything about your power, your value, or your purpose as soon as you entered the earthly realm, you and the Divine began to leave breadcrumbs that you would one day discover. In your time of birth, in the family you were birthed to, in the injustices and experiences that would leave a mark.

This was all to lead you to your path. Your purpose. The place you were meant to inhabit and influence in the world.

The clues are all there, in your design.  Are you ready to interpret them?

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There are clues to your purpose everywhere

Nothing about you is by accident. Everything about you has a purpose.  This training guide will give you a step by step breakdown of your Human Design, in this extensive 55+ page pamphlet where you can begin to discover why, on earth, you were created. 

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Introduction to Your Design 


  • An Introduction to the concept of Human Design.

  • Detailed instructions on how to read your chart.

  • The 5 Different Energetic Designs, and How You can Know Yours.

  • The 4 Different Life Strategies You Must Follow To Guarantee a Life lived in Alignment & on Purpose.

  • The 12 Different Life paths, and How to Decipher Yours

  • Sneak peek into 1 advanced metric that can propel you on your path to purpose.

This is for you if...

  • You understand the feeling that comes from 'having it all'- the career, the money, the success- and still not feeling fulfilled, or complete.

  • You have tried to search for your purpose before, but not known the tools to use, or not understood the methods.

  • You want to understand more about who you are, and how you were designed, so you can begin to make the right decisions, aligned with your purpose.

  • You are about to embark on a new career/business path, or have had a recent unexpected shift in your relationships or family life, and want to root your next steps firmly within your purpose.

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By the end of the course you will...

  • Definitively know your design!

  • Know your divinely assigned gifts and skills, and know how to use them to your advantage.

  • Understand your energetic bodygraph deeply, and have the tools to build a lifestyle and business/relational strategies to allow you to live in fullness of purpose.

  • Have identified the steps needed to know your purpose.

  • Own the tools you need to heal your inner child, and eradicate toxic patterns ad sabotaging behaviours in your present life.

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Monthly training pack is limited to 20 per month at this price, after which it goes back to £97.

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