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It's Time for 2.0


The landscape of work as we know it has irrevocably shifted.

No longer do we have to work from the office, chained to the desk because it is the cultural norm. Companies are shifting with this trend and providing more opportunities for employees to work virtually, or work from home.

And so the question is- if you don't have to work from an office to be your best, most productive self... Where do you want to work from?

It was from this question that the Lifestyle Consulting arm of Bee Wholly Living was born.

Understanding the necessary essentials for a remote professional (fast wifi, work spaces, quiet surroundings)- as well as the nice to have add ons (beachfront villa, on call masseuse and full house staff), we have created a completely bespoke high end service to allow high performing individuals and teams to create, focus and produce in an environment that brings out your best self.

All of our services include the visa process, door to door VIP transfer services, a villa suitable to your needs, access to coworking spaces and events, as well as a customised handbook with the greatest restaurants, delivery services, cafes, wellness experiences and excursions you can plug into immediately.

* We have customised packages available for incubator teams, project/product delivery teams and C-Suite Strategic Planning, with a team of experts to facilitate discussions, goals, as well as implement wellbeing, fitness and nutrition programs to keep you at your best.

Our Services

Here’s What We Provide

90 Days To Launch

Whether you are launching  a new product, service, or online business, this 90 Days to launch package will allow you to have 90 days of uninterrupted time to reach your objective.

Our team will take care of everything. From securing a beautiful beachfront villa at a tropical location for you to suit your needs, a full house staff (including an on-call chef and masseuse!), we'll prepare a program conducive to relaxation and wellness, to allow your teams to perform as their most creative, most productive self.

Prices Starting at £29,999 for a group of 5

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The CoLiving Passport

If you are newly remote professional, and would like to make living abroad your new lifestyle, then the coliving passport is for you.

The CoLiving membership allows you to relocate for 6, 9 or 12 months, without worrying about the ins and outs of the process! 

This gives you complete access to our catalogue of locations, services and experiences, and gives you the freedom to curate a customised service based on you and your team's needs.

Prices Starting at £49,999 for a group of 5 for 6 months PLUS!

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