Purpose Mastery

Once you discover your purpose, mastering your reason for being here on earth is the next step. 

Mastering your purpose isn't easy. It is only for the bravest, the most committed, and the most courageous. However it brings with it something most will never experience: True joy, fulfilment, peace and completeness. That which can only come with living fully & completely within your purpose.

Within purpose Mastery, you will:​

  1. Evaluate your soul curriculum to identify your unique superpowers in your different life paths.

  2. Build a unique toolkit to allow you to heal, integrate and step into fullness of self.

  3. Blend divine assignment, soul curriculum and new gifts from your shadow to reveal your purpose.

  4. Design strategies for each area of life, taking your purpose, energetic imprint, numerological imprint and shadow into consideration.

  5. Redesign every aspect of your life to directly mirror your purpose.

  6. Learn how to express this purpose daily in your career, relationships, and more.

The best part of purchasing a course, is that it also includes free lifetime membership to the Global Beehive! This means that you will have free entry to all Bee Wholly Living group calls, video training and virtual community events FOREVER! You'll also be able to make use of my extensive remote network that spans across 4 continents for a lifetime, helping you consistently meet and connect to a tribe that is equal parts accepting, loving, and hardworking. 

Last but not least, within the Bee Wholly Living Family we begin and end the year with a retreat. As a member of The Hive, you will get early access and preferential rates to the retreats, as well as exclusive opportunities for one on ones with global leaders of enterprise, health, wellness and spirituality that will be present at the retreats.

So jump in! If this course makes your inner voice say "wow, that's me", then get in touch so we can speak about it further!


Bee x

** Prerequisite: Completed a purpose discovery module**

* Packages start at £5k.  25% discount if purchased with Purpose Discovery Program. 

Purpose Mastery Modules

Live on Purpose

Use your superpowers and divine gifting to move from the corporate world to building and owning a purpose based business that effortlessly draws in your unique tribe of clients. Through this course you will get a blend of practical support on building a service based business that consistently draws in 1-2 high paying clients a month, as well as an accountability partner and cheerleader to help keep your purpose in the centre of every business move you make.

Lifestyle Redesign

Let's take your purpose discovery to the next level! Using your ancestral nutrition template, optimised sleep, rest and hydration techniques and the science of building and breaking habits, this course will allow you to optimise your routines and holistically improve your quality of living, physical and mental health. That gives you room to truly enjoy and appreciate life in a body you love, living a life you are proud of.

1-2-1 Mentorship

Is your purpose around building community, raising leaders and allowing people to step into the fullness of experience life has for them?  Over your program, you will get an exclusive peak into my business practices to enable you to build your own practice, as well as access to my entire network of collaborators and clients, to allow you the stage to test out your purpose fuelled business, as well as opportunities to speak at retreats, host Bee Wholly Living workshops, and more.

Want to know more before making your decision?

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