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I'm Belinda, but you can call me Bee.

I'm a French born, London bred, nomadic living transformational coach, lifestyle innovator & entrepreneur. I am passionate about living this life wholly, leaving nothing on the field and helping others do the same!

Don't be fooled by the cool and calm exterior, or pristine Instagram page... I didn't have the easiest start in life. I came from a broken home, and it built a layer of shame and insecurity over everything I did. My past however taught me how to fight for what I want from life, and it built in me a determination to break through the mindsets and wounds that held me back so I could thrive in health, love, success, and everything else this life has to offer. 


When I began on my personal development journey, I literally did everything wrong! And of course nothing worked. My fad dieting kept me in a binge/ starve cycle, I felt miserable and stuck at my 9 to 5, and I kept falling for "Mr. Unavailable"!

It is from there that Bee Wholly Living was born. I knew there had to be something else- a reason why I couldn't break free from these patterns that seemed to govern my life. And I knew the work had to begin from within. So I spent time reconnecting with myself, dumping the negative emotions which had been building inside me over 20 plus years, and as I put my systems into place and began to practise them, I began to go through a transformation!

Finally seeing success created an obsession within to learn everything I could about living this life WHOLLY, and helping others to do so too. I became a certified Life Coach, ranked in the top 1% by the Expert Rating Authority, which I did all while having a full time and demanding job as a Management Consultant, Culture Lead, and qualifying as a Project Management Professional.

What started as a blog where I shared my personal experiences on my journey of growth has now become a hub for conscious entrepreneurship and innovation. My experience as a Management Consultant and Culture Lead at the Big 4 and FTSE 100 companies has transferred into building a business that enables self actualisation through entrepreneurship, as well as holding space for employees within companies to help support the process of  bringing their whole authentic selves to the workplace. For the past 3 years Bee Wholly Living has served as an educational hub, a centre for facilitation and workshops within companies and a 1-2-1 personal coaching brand.  

Take some time to explore the website, see my services, and check out the testimonials to see others' experiences of working with me. 

I hope this site serves and helps you live life wholly. And I'm always here to help if you need.


Bee x

Instagram: @beewhollyliving
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