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What's Included?

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Cosmic Circles

Learn about the Cosmic events happening right now, and how to best use the Cosmic energy.

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Q & As

Ask me all your questions about your natal chart, lunar cycles or your Human Design.

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Moonly Plannings

Plan your month's activities (in business, health and relationships) according to the lunar cycle.

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Cosmic Guidance

Private access to Bee for personal cosmic advice, support, and information during open office hours.

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Cosmic Updates

Never miss a retrograde again! Receive alerts on planetary and lunar movements in real-time.

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Receive a 20% discount on all consultations and delve deeper into your Cosmic Design for less!

Frequently asked questions

What makes this membership different from others?

The Cosmic twist is what makes this group extra special. This group focuses on a holistic approach to understanding yourself, and the universe around you. Instead of just focusing on the lunar cycle, Human Design or your natal chart, this membership allows you to explore all of the different ways your Cosmic personality is expressed, using all 3 modalities!
You will get to expand your knowledge of the lunar cycles, learn to live in a way that allows your Cosmic Personality to shine (as defined within your natal chart), and respect the energy you were bestowed with at birth (using your Human Design).

The cross-section of these modalities will allow you to delve to a depth of self discovery that you cannot access using just one!

What can I expect to from this membership?

You can expect to:

  1. Learn about the lunar cycle, and planetary events (for e.g. retrogrades).
  2. Discover how Cosmic cycles will affect you personally.
  3. Begin to design a life that allows you to be fully expressed whilst living in perfect harmony with your Human and Cosmic Design.
  4. Connect with like minded women also on their personal development journeys!

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! There is a 14 day free trial for every membership tier, and there is also a free tier available which you'll be able to use forever!

Why should I get this membership?

This membership will arm you with the information you need to design a lifestyle that takes lunar and planetary events, as well as your Cosmic Design, into consideration.

Instead of beating yourself up for not being 'productive' today, or for being overly sensitive, you'll be able to understand why you're more prone to feeling these things depending on the planetary and lunar placements, and therefore you'll be able to pro-actively plan your months' activities during the times where you are the most Cosmically receptive!


  • Free

    Discover more about the lunar and astrological cycles
    Free Plan
    • Free Cosmic Updates
    • Cosmic Community
  • Pro

    Every month
    Connect deeply to your Cosmic Design
     14 day free trial
    • Everything included in the Free plan, PLUS...
    • 2 Cosmic Circles a month
    • Members' only Q&A Zone
  • Elite

    Every month
    Take your Cosmic journey to the next level
     14 day free trial
    • Everything included in the PRO membership, plus...
    • Monthly Cosmic Planning
    • Monthly Q&A Call
    • 20% Discount on 1-2-1 Cosmic Consultations with Bee