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Manifestation 101: How to Manifest Anything You Desire

Today is one of the most cosmically powerful times of year to focus in on manifesting your intentions! Not sure how to? Here’s a handy guide:

1. Create powerful clarity within on what it is you truly want. Focus on the what, not the how (or the who!). See it, feel it, in a way that truly feels palpable, and real. Bathe in the feeling of getting what you want to manifest.

2. Do you know how to converse with divine energy? This is an important step, and goes beyond praying, asking, burning letters, or whatever you do within your spiritual practise. This is a deep connection with Creator, this is a soul song that calls in the Divine. It is from this place that we ask.

3. Everyone loves to conveniently forget this step... Sorry to burst your bubble, but your dream will take work! However there is a right and VERY WRONG way to work (and most people go the wrong route!)

4. Trust that what you want wants you. That what you desire desires you. That your dreams were divinely places within you before birth, and are therefore as vested in being birthed as you are in bringing them to life.

5. Gratitude is key. Notice the small ways in which the universe is manoeuvring to allow your manifestation to come to reality. Accept each lesson, be grateful for each step, for ultimately the joy is in the journey.

6. Do you work out physically as much as you do spiritually? Do you cleanse your physical as much as you cleanse your spiritual environment? Your spiritual routines need to be as, if not more rigorous than your workout and dietary commitments if you truly want to manifest at a high level. Confused about what this would entail? Send me a DM, and I’ll send through some ideas ☺️

7. The ego is forever at odds with the soul, as its main objective is to keep us safe, and in our zone of comfort. Consistently clearing our unknown resistance, our hidden limiting beliefs and our ego’s desire to ‘play small’ are fundamental for manifestation power.

These are the steps you need to truly become a Manifestation Maven! However much easier to write than to put into practise!! Take a step in your manifestation path by writing one of your intentions in the comments below. Also feel free to send me a DM if there is a step that you are struggling with, or if you’d like more information on the “how”- I’ll reply with a short video!

Sending you love and courage on your journey 💛 Bee x

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