Vision vs. Goal: What's the Difference?

Updated: Jan 24

Learn the difference between vision and goals. Both serve their purpose, but to use both to your advantage you must know the difference between the two!

  1. Visions Pull; Goals Push. Goals have their place as a means to an end. However, a goal that is not nestled within a vision will leave you feeling empty once you meet it. You know what I'm talking about. The high from the promotion, that fades once you realise it hasn't changed the fact you still hate your workplace. The glow of infatuation that fades once you realise there is more that goes into a relationship than chemistry. Your goals will only get you so far. Vision however? That is the vehicle that will carry you through. It is the thing that will pull you out of bed to write your business plan, pull you out of the comfort of long term safe job to create something new, that pulls you out of what you have settled for in past friendships and relationships into your new conscious partnerships.

  2. Visions are Expansive; Goals are realistic. Visions also have their place, acting as the pulley that draws you to the future you have in mind. However visions will also remain unattainable when they are not coupled with goals. A vision will get you nowhere on its own- you have to couple it with structured actions and steps in the form of goals to bring what is currently in your mind's eye to your reality.

  3. Visions are Limitless; Goals are Not. There is practically no end to human imagination. Much like Martin Luther King Jr saw his “I have a dream” speech, which was unthinkable at that historical juncture, materialise into reality after a few years, your visions are limitless as well. Your visions can stretch as much as your imagination will allow. However your goals are needed as the underpinning to stretch you. Goals, being your continuous tests of abilities, skills and perseverance, will stretch you into the person you will need to be to support the expansive vision your mind currently holds.

  4. Goals Have a Finite End; Visions Don't. Goals usually are a cluster of checklist items that, when done well, have a very clear start and end date, and are relatively short lived. After the successful completion of one, you move to another. Visions however, when done right, are bigger than even your lifetime. You'll know your vision is a vision, and not just an extremely stretched out goal, when it is something that future generations will need to continue working on once you have passed. Your vision will never stop pulling you, and as an entrepreneur seeing your vision come to light and spread through your teams, clients, and partners like wildfire will be one of the most fulfilling pursuits of your life!

Visions and goals both have their place. One leads you to achieve today. The other pulls you forever into the future. Make sure you have both in place this 2021!

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