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The Purpose Path

An educational coaching path using a collection of tools and exercises that have allowed me and the hundreds that I have coached to discover, and master their purpose.

Yoga Design Lab Fall1 2020-Dean Raphael-

Lifestyle Consultancy

Lifestyle relocation service, complete with visa service, VIP door to door airport transfers, stylish homes and villas as well as in-built community and activity schedule curated to your tastes and interests.

Your On-Demand CSO

For Solopreneurs and small business owners who require long term business strategy and consultancy support, to sense-check their strategic moves, build their lead-to-cash process, increase sales and ensure alignment with vision and ultimate goal at every step.


The 4 Step Application Process

Bee prides herself on her stellar record and satisfied clients, which in part is due to her selectivity in her clientele. She takes on 10 new personal clients a year, and goes through a thorough process to ensure her clients are the right fit, and vice versa. Here is her 4 step process:

Divine Encounter

Meeting for the first time through social media, referral, on a webinar, or face to face.


A 30 Minute Call discussing your specific needs and requirements.


A high level view of the tailored-to-fit program we could use to best complement your need.


Once the contract is signed, we would have our kick-off day face to face or online (including a special gift from Bee!)

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Interior Design

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